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Time to Your Pet’s Advantage


We’re all familiar with the image of a dog howling at the moon. We’re also familiar with the cultural whereabouts of turning into a werewolf (had to mention this Halloween is just around the corner) and with the skeptics deploring, I’m the master of my own destiny. We’re not here to contend that. We’re here to advocate for you to consider what might be going for your pet between the dates of Oct 1-25th of this month. For those of you who are following the planets and a fan of horoscopes you may or may not be familiar with Mercury Retrograde. We at Dog Nanny know that being in the pet care industry means taking notice of how the moon yes, even the planets can affect your pet’s mood and behavior and body and here to shed some light (no pun intended) on your dog’s behavior and also what you can do to make the best of this period.

We know that the full moon just passed and full moons tend to agitate animals. For pets what we typically see is more activity– namely strange behaviors. A desire to go out for more or longer walks and a general restlessness. There can also be an increase in water take and of course a larger more heavy appetite. Since full moons happens once of month, you can expect that this may be an influence on your pets aberrant behaviors or cravings. With this month, we also had the blood orange moon (did anyone notice that on Oct. 7th, the moon was Orange on Tuesday and then Yellow on Weds– so beautiful). Why not during these full moon periods, take advantage of the moon’s beauty and mitigate some of your pet’s strange behaviors, desires to possibly move their body more with an extra 5-7 mins on your walk, switching up your walk routine (if you always start your walk heading in one direction, go the opposite direction), if you always walk at a leisurely pace, add a hop or skip to your step during the middle of your stroll and keep your pup mentally engaged. Does your dog always eat the same thing for Breakfast and Dinner? Why not add a healthy seasonal snack such as a pieces of apples or asian pears or pumpkin to their diet this month. Imagine eating granola everyday, boring!! This may become especially evident during this Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde is a time to SLOW DOWN and take inventory of habits and patterns that you’d like to revisit. It’s also a time to wrap up loose ends and close up unfinished projects.


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