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Beyond Good Dog / Bad Dog Commands


As almost all pet lovers know, one of the most commonly used and most successful method of training is through the rewards and praise system, utilized by the vast majority of professional trainers and pet owners alike. In “hound-sight,” dog training as an industry is on a rapid rise with numbers that are nipping at the heels of such industry giants as electronics. With this continued growth rate of around 6% annually, it’s the seventh largest industry in the United States, rising above the retail sales of children’s toys, hardware and jewelry.

Following down the praise system and rewards road, many pet owners are still quick to recite the common, and very loud “NO” command when our pooches and puddies misbehave. Just like a human child, this kind of attention can be misconstrued and misinterpreted, especially for pack animals. Attention is attention, whether it is positive or negative. Unless balanced and properly motivated, negative behavior with animals could appear as an accepted practice by these unknowing participants.


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