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Keeping Your Dogs Safe


Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s all about being grateful for everything we have, especially our
loved ones. Of course, this includes our furry friends who give us so much unconditional love all
year round. With all the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving celebrations, it can be easy to
overlook our pets sometimes. As an important reminder, let’s go over some of the little things
you should be aware of for keeping your dog safe during the holiday. From utilizing the best dogfence to keep them contained, to keeping hazardous food items out of their bowl, these simple
tips will ensure Thanksgiving goes smoothly for you and your dog.

Avoid Kitchen Accidents Involving Your Dog

Perhaps the busiest, most stressful part of the Thanksgiving Holiday is the meal preparation.
There just can’t be “too many cooks in the kitchen,” and this should extend to include all aspiring
chefs with four legs. Allowing your dog in the kitchen can lead to serious injuries for them, you,
or anyone nearby, which are most commonly caused by someone tripping over the dog. A hot
oven, boiling liquids, and sharp knives are just some of the dangers. A gate in the kitchen
doorway will keep your dog out, as well as positive reinforcement training for the “place” command, but you can also consider an indoor wireless dog fence barrier so you won’t have to step over any obstacles. At the very least, keep your dog in a closed room
during the most active cooking times.

Keep Table Scraps Out of the Dog Bowl

Many dogs go wild during Thanksgiving because of all the delicious food they can smell. No
matter how much they whine or beg, the safest choice is not to give your dog any table food,
especially if it’s something they’ve never eaten before. In particular, turkey skin and turkey
bones must be avoided; fat from the skin can cause pancreatitis in dogs, and bones can choke
your dog or pierce their throat or stomach. Any desserts containing chocolate or xylitol will be
toxic to dogs. Small food items like raisins, nuts, or grapes are choking hazards. A better idea is
to purchase something for your dog from the pet store, so they can safely enjoy a special treat.


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