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Pet Care Win your Budget

It seems that everyone is on a tight budget these days, and for animal owners it can be particularly perplexing to find the best prices for pet care. The biggest expense in our pet budget comes from veterinarian visits, both routine and surgical, which can put a serious dent in our bottom line. But remember, preventative vet visits and keeping vaccinations current, will save money in the long run.


The best way to realize big savings at the veterinarian’s office is to purchase routine medications, like heartworm, flea and tick medicines, on the internet. The average markup for these prescription products is around 100% at the vet’s office and some medications can have up to a 275% price increase. Another tip, many vaccinations are unnecessary and while your vet may recommend yearly boosters, except for rabies, most of these shots are good for up to three years.

For an even bigger savings, sign up for one of those membership “ebate” websites that offer cash back and other rewards for using their online shopping service. Another added tip, if your veterinarian has a problem with you filling your pet’s prescriptions elsewhere, you should find another vet since they could be overcharging you in other areas.


Even when shopping online, big chain pet stores like Petco and Petsmart are overpriced compared to other discounted internet outlets like Target and Walmart. Food, toys, treats, accessories, grooming supplies and more, except for some specialty items, you should be able to find almost everything you need at a fraction of the cost.


Speaking of playthings for our pets, there’s plenty of online savings to pocket some extra for the cash we put out for our cats and dollars spent on our dogs. For example, for those who have large or more active dogs that are particularly destructive and chew through their toys like tissue, many will purchase more durable items from the Kong ® product line. But when buying these more indestructible toys, be sure to shop around for the best prices, sites like Amazon and Ebay may surprise you.


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